What Can Guinea Pigs Eat



What Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

If you're considering implementing a guinea pigs eat and want to know what foods to fill up on, or even if you possess a guinea pig and you are unsure of what you can provide your guinea to treat on, then this article will describe what and what foods are protected and what foods will do more harm than good.

You could find your self asking the next questions.

- Am I feeding my pig something that will make him ill?

- Are there other foods in my own house that could be great to give my guinea?

- My pig is just a fussy eater and will not eat certain fresh fruit or vegetables, what other foods are safe to try?

You will find the solutions to these questions and a lot more information here. You will find recommendations for different foods and kibble and hay that could make your guinea happy, according to personal experience as well. Pigs love fresh fruit and veggies as much as us humans like a bar of chocolate or a bag of sweets. That is good because good fresh fruit and veggies are an essential element of their diet and keep them happy and healthy.

Different guinea's have different tastes, but usually they love to nibble on a number of different fruits and vegetables. black lettuces, peppers and peas really are a huge hit. If your guinea is additional fussy and won't touch any fresh produce then it might be an idea to consult with your veterinarian about how exactly you can get your vitamin C supplement, to make sure you're having the right level of nourishment into your little friend.

Here is a list of some fresh fruit and veggies that pigs will specially enjoy and that will give them the most effective nutritional benefits. Fruits are full of sugar so they really might be better being a special treat, and avoid any sudden dietary changes until you realize that your guinea pigs stomach could handle it.

Red Pepper (or green/yellow pepper) - Red has the best Vitamin C concentration)

Carrots- the root and the green tops are perfectly safe on your pig.

Apples -Just make sure that you will find no vegetables


Leafy vegetables like red lettuce (feed leafy vegetables in moderation to avoid diarrhea, and feed spinach sparingly to avoid potential kidney dilemmas.


Broccoli (in moderation because it could be very gassy)


Oranges or Clementine's

Berries (in control)


Foods you should never feed your guinea:

No-matter how good it may taste to you, there are some foods that you should not give your guinea pig.

While pigs do enjoy a variety of types and flavors of fruits and veggies, there are a few foods that you need to never give your guineas. If there is something that is not' with this list then it may be a notion not to give it to your pig before you have spoken for your vet. There will be more of an exhaustive list available online.

Cabbage - A small piece if cabbage is not prone to significantly damage or kill your pig, but it can be extremely gassy and not good for their programs. So it could be advisable to keep away from it if you can.

Potato peelings - Toxins can exist in potato themes, particularly when they have turned green and they can be deadly

Raw beans - This doesn't mean green beans, but think like natural, difficult kidney beans.

Rhubarb - The leaves of the plant are poisonous, and the stalks can be very bitter.

More details would be found on this website.

Dairy products- While there are lots of pet stores than offer 'yogurt falls' and chocolate 'treats' milk isn't healthy to feed your what can guinea pigs eat and can cause problems.

Any forms of meat - Guinea pigs are vegetarian and would like salad over a meat any time.

Corn kernels - Popcorn is not a very good thought, Guinea's can choke very easily.